Wednesday, November 26, 2014

New store at Storenvy!

Attention! I haven't posted in like years probably, so this is quite a big deal. ANYWHO, I'm starting sculpting again! Wow!

I decided to have a store at Storenvy instead of Etsy because there are no listing fees and it's a lot more customizable etc. etc. So here it is: I still have the one thing- the Christmas cake- in there for now but I'm busy working on more stuff. I also have a logo now and a new header- check the top of the blog!

So here's what I'm working on- or at least a sneak peek. Look at all those mints! Tiny mints, mint sticks, candy canes....what could I be making? Something Christmas-themed, that's for sure.

I'm not sure when I'll have any new videos out. Or when I'll have new things listed in my shop. Or when I'll even finish making things. When I make something I'll upload it on Flickr, so check there.

Happy claying!

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