Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Fall time!

Here's Cali's mini pumpkin, taken with my new amazing camera.


Hey everyone! I made a new website as a sequel to my old one. The new one is at

Birthday season rolled around again! I had $100 to spend at Michaels and guess what I did! I went and bought tons of clay stuff and actual clay. For my birthday I also got a magnificent new camera (the same as Cali's, but what can I say, it's an awesome camera) and now I can take better closeups. I know I haven't said much on here lately, but most of it's on the main site. So here's the scoop: Cali's and my work is going to be shown in an art show or something (she has the details, I'm not sure) next Sunday (I think) and we're going to be selling at the spring Flea Market, so if you live in our area, come by and buy. Haha. It'll be real cheap but real amazing. You won't regret it. All opportunities courtesy of Cali's art teacher. I don't take art this year (I take Fashion Design) because I really don't think art is something that can be judged and given a grade on. But thanks to her, we have a way to publicize.

Since it's fall, I'm hoping to find some way to get a pumpkin tutorial up soon. I think I'll do a Prezi. I don't wanna mess with YouTube because the whole video thing is kinda...comme ci, comme ca. Could go this way or the other and I don't really wanna be judged. We'll see.

The picture on top is of my Tower of New Clay, rising to the sky. Taken with my new camera, I angled it just right to make it appear taller than it really is. Although, 12 packs of clay tall, it really is a lot. I bought all 12 when I went to Michaels. 9 Premo (I wanna start caning more often), 3 Sculpey (more diverse color palette), and 1 Fimo (best Emerald green).
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