Wednesday, January 04, 2012


I went to the gallery yesterday and dropped off some stuff. I am selling my pond cake, my beach cake, and my cookie earrings. They are pretty cheap. I am also going to be in the mini (all things miniature) show at the gallery, which is in February. I expect to have many Valentine's-themed miniatures and jewelry, which means I have to get working.

Good news. Despite the fact that I spent nearly $100 at Michaels the last time I was there (Christmas money), I plan to buy packaging supplies soon, seeing as they're sold so cheaply at The Container Store, where my mom works (40% 0ff discount). I bought miniature gift boxes for the gallery to make my items more presentable. Every second, I am getting closer to opening my Etsy shop and looking forward to it immensely. (provided all goes well; I'm still not sure about the credit card issue.)

About my cookie earrings: They're my first dangle earrings. I connected the jump rings myself in an interesting pattern. I made them as realistic as possible. There are two types of frosting: TLS with pastels and TLS with paint. TIP: put the eyepin in BEFORE you frost/ice them. I textured them with a toothbrush and used soft pastels to color them.

The beach cake: decorated with craft sand (applied with TLS and dried with a heat gun), micromarbles, pink and blue TLS, a crab, a starfish, and a shell. The blue inside cake part was blue mixed with a little white and blue micromarbles.

The pond cake: layered blues for the middle (when you look at it sideways, it looks like the duck is swimming on the water), and a duck, lily pads/frog, and a lily on top.

I've been having a bit of a problem with my resin. A lot of YouTubers do that as well as clay, so I decided to try it, but #1: I spilled it on my rug. Remember the icing endeavor? This is just a repeat, except it's on a RUG and will cost a lot of money to get removed. Also, the resin I have drying right now, the bottom is hard but the top is still runny. I'm worried I didn't get the hardener there for some reason, but I mixed it for a good five minutes slowly, like I was supposed to. Any suggestions for this problem? It reminds me of the time Cali tried her first clay woman with 'air-dry' clay and it NEVER dried. That was over a year ago. And guess what? It's still soft.

Thanks for reading, buying, waiting, and your help in advance if you choose to give your advice. Greatly appreciated.
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