Tuesday, July 03, 2012

New earrings + first wire earring ever!

Hello everyone! I finally decided to get back into the gallery system and start selling again as I have signed up for several camps, one of which, the clay one of course, I am going to be volunteering to help out with. So I dropped off a pair of rainbow earrings the other day. See them on my facebook page: And I didn't have a chance to drop these off- these apple earrings- but I may sell them at some later time. I also did some experimenting in wire- just randomly picked up some, had an idea, and started fiddling around- and produced this wire earring. I'm quite pleased. It's not a pair yet, but my mom thinks I should make another, so I will. Perhaps this is just the beginning of another medium that I will use? Hopefully this earring is the first of many.
I don't often experiment- I mean, the whole resin thing was a huge failure- but sometimes it has good results. Keep an eye out for new things. And I'm also thinking about filming another tutorial soon, so watch for that (: Thanks for reading, I love you all!
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