Monday, July 01, 2013


I haven't done anything sitewise in a really, really long time. Wondering why? Well, I'll tell you anyhow. I am quite possibly one of the laziest people when it comes to advertising and keeping up with my own social media. Sure, I look at other people's stuff. On a daily basis. More than I actually create, and therein lies the problem.
It is summer, so school is not an excuse. But may I also say that I have literally tons of hobbies? I am a writer, a reader, a gamer, a knitter, a sculptor, a dancer, a pianist, a music enthusiast, and various other things. It is very hard to stick with just one activity for a long period of time. I go through phases. This week, it'll be sculpting. Next week, reading. The next, video games. So naturally I am very good at starting things, and not as good at finishing them.
I doubt if anyone would remember (I'm positive that of all my blog viewers, none are regular), but a long time ago I started a sculpture of Absolem from Alice in Wonderland, my favorite series of all time. This was to be my first major project, larger-scale than all the others. I have yet to finish it. In fact, it may not even be further than the last post I made on it. Of course, I intend to get back to it. I always intend to. But perhaps I may be serious this time?
I got sidetracked for a long time working on another large-scale sculpture, a bust of a woman based off of Belle from Beauty and the Beast. I am pleased to say that I have completed the sculpting part of this project. It is quite larger than anything I have ever done, nearly life-size, in fact. If you look at the other things I have completed, it is quite easy to imagine the quality of this work. I am a miniaturist. I deal in small things, almost never lifelike, except food perhaps. So I am not too proud of this bust. Only in the fact that I actually finished sculpting it, mayhaps. But I'm not done yet. I decided I need to be proud enough of this project to post it here on my blog and website. And as I find it very plain myself, I intend to paint it and see if I can make it better. This will be my next project.
Yes, I have still been sculpting miniatures, but mostly for myself, not intended to be sold commercially or anything of that sort. And there are very few anyhow. I will be working more as I have the money to buy the materials I need. I just recently got a job, so that should take care of that.
Now, as to videos. I realize I haven't posted any in forever, and the ones I did were very amateur. I was in fact in the middle of another tutorial a very long time ago when my computer shut down and I lost all progress. This was extremely frustrating, to the point of me giving up entirely and not doing videos ever again. I realize that this was silly, as videos are a great advertising opportunity. I do not think tutorials are my thing, really, so I will probably just be doing updates. Most likely in picture slideshow form. I do not like speaking to a camera, especially one with a quality as crappy as mine. A new camera is definitely on my wish list.

Well, now you are completely up to date on my meager activity lately and the reasons why. So be sated until I can stick with this project long enough to finish it. Thanks for your time.

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